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The Coffee-Shop

Welcome to our groovy coffee spot, a rad spot inspired by the Amsterdam vibes just for you! Step in to savor your cannabis treat while grooving to streamed tunes or kick back with a cold brew or a fancy whiskey. Fancy a game? We've got a new soccer-table, e-dart board, and a deck of cards for some jazzy or poker fun.


Psst! Wanna join us on a cool day trip to our Chonburi grower every two weeks during peak season? It's a blast and can be yours for a sweet fee of around THB 2500.


Got questions? Hit us up anytime!

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PTW Member's

Become a loyalty superstar and get a free gift with every 10th purchase - whether you shop in-store or online. Join the club now and treat yourself to this amazing offer. And hey, if you have your eye on Gold membership, all the details are waiting for you on our exclusive members page.

In return, we ask that you respect and accept all of our customers, regardless of their background or appearance. PTW is a trusted and respected name in the premium cannabis industry and we look forward to welcoming you to our family today. PTW The Premium Cannabis Shop in Nong Kaeh - Hua Hin.

Soccer Table at PTW

Soccer Table

Our brand new table football is the perfect addition to our cafe and bar, giving our customers an exciting and fun activity to enjoy while relaxing with a delicious drink. Get ready for some friendly competition in our cannabis shop and bar with our brand new table football! Challenge your friends to a 4-a-side match and let the games begin. If football isn't your thing, we also have e-darts for a game of 501.

Also, we always play cool and good music, but feel free to request your favorite music. Come along and enjoy a fun and relaxed atmosphere while enjoying your favorite cannabis products.

Our Staff - The PTW Team

Step right up to PTWeed - The Family Business, where a bunch of Cannabis enthusiasts are on a mission to bring you the crème de la crème of cannabis delights! Since their grand opening in August 2023, PTWeed has been on a wild quest to handpick only the finest 100% organic and top-notch “AAAA” strains out there. Whether you're hunting for some live rosin, fancy hashish, or exclusive RAW goodies, PTWeed has got your back to take your cannabis game up a notch.
Diving deep into the world of excellence and top-tier quality, PTWeed stands tall as the ultimate hotspot for all cannabis aficionados. Come and witness the magic firsthand at PTWeed - The Family Business.

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