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Blaue Himmel

OG Kush - Premium 60% Indica Cannabis Strain  with 18% THC


OG Kush – Premium 60% Indica strain perfect for anyone looking for a powerful and relaxing experience. With a high THC level of 18%, this strain is sure to provide a powerful and long-lasting high. The dense, sticky buds are packed with earthy and piney flavors, making for a truly delicious smoke.


Whether you're looking to relieve stress, pain, or insomnia, OG Kush is a versatile and popular choice among experienced cannabis enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on this premium strain, now available at PTW – the premium online cannabis store.



Feelings:  Happy, Sleepy, Hungry

Helps for: Stress, Anxiety, Pain

OG Kush - Premium 60% Indica Cannabis Strain with 18% THC

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