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The Premium Cannabis Shop

PTW - The Premium Cannabis Shop is a family-run business, with the 2nd generation successfully completing an internship last rainy season. Khun Ice, our daughter, will finish her training in Kalasin and then we will decide exactly how we will use the family power.

If you register for our loyalty program, your 10th purchase will now be free. You can also register as a website member. Then you automatically get a 10% member discount on every purchase and you can exchange ideas with other customers and friends directly on the PTW platform.

Best Strains of the Year

Enjoy our loyalty Programm !

Loyalty Programm
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Our customer is


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Our customer is king - it is also important to us that we do business transparently and are always happy to advise our customers. We try to offer a variety of cannabis at a discounted price every week. At the moment we have a special price for Slurricane, instead of THB 450 a gr now only costs THB 250.

However, if you would like to purchase a larger quantity, we recommend that you contact us at least a week before the purchase date. If we don't have the cannabis you want in stock, we can contact our partners and certainly negotiate a special price.

Our goal is for our customers to advertise us by word of mouth, i.e. recommend us to others. Thank you for your support and trust in PTW - The Premium Cannabis Shop in Nong Kaeh, Hua Hin.

Welcome to the PTW Family

Video Corner for our friends and members

Here you will find a new video every week with incredible, scary stories from around the world. It is unbelievable what phenomena occur - sometimes the same events occur in different places. We will try to upload a new video every week, these are purely for entertainment purposes. Hopefully everyone is aware that around 65% of the paranormal videos are fakes - however, there are recordings of totally disturbing events where you wouldn't believe the narrator if it hadn't been filmed. Now the ball is in your court - decide for yourself - per chapter - true or fake, etc. Have fun with the first video and don't forget, after midnight I wouldn't recommend watching this video alone.

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