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Sign up now as a Loyalty Member and rejoice in every 10th purchase on us! This Loyalty status is your golden ticket to perks both online and in our fancy Cannabis Boutique. Plus, get the inside scoop every two weeks with our newsletter on all things PTW and the freshest strains available.


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At PTW - The Premium Cannabis Shop in Nong Kaeh, Hua Hin, we treat our customers like royalty! We believe in doing business with utmost transparency and are always here to sprinkle some advice your way. Each week, we roll out a variety of cannabis goodies at discounted prices. Right now, our star deal is the Slurricane strain, slashed from THB 450 to an unbeatable THB 250 per gram!

If you're eyeing a bigger stash, give us a heads-up at least a week before your shopping spree. Don't see your favorite strain? No worries! We'll tap into our network for you and score a sweet deal.

Our mission? To have you raving about us to all your pals! Big thanks for choosing PTW - where the green is always greener.

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Dolce Gusto Nescafe Capsule
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